About that Picture

Story of the banner picture:
I asked a former student of mine, currently a senior in high school, to interpret this picture, and she replied: “experimentation…sticking hands in a dinosaur’s mouth for the sake of trying something new.”

Check out this cool video:

That was a cool video.

I chose this as the banner for a blog about technology integration because it said something to me about tensions and excitement inherent in my understanding of technology integration.

Technology can be exciting, ever-present, a novelty, a necessity, a burden, intimidating, liberating, or any combination thereof. Technology is not a new term and doesn’t always refer to the latest and greatest, but the word normally conjures the most recent, if not the future, of what we know. Yet technology is as old as history, to the juxtaposition of old and new, young and old, speaks to possible tensions in understanding, recognizing, accepting, and integrating technology into your life.

The picture said this to me:

The slices of the venetian blinds reflect the “sliced” nature of the photo
cut out of its natural context…

The dinosaur is extinct, but modern and cybernetic because it’s a ‘robot’–technology…

His teeth are reflected in her teeth—robot incisors vs. little diva incisors…

She’s on the phone, so there is the ubiquitous communications technology juxtaposed against the robot extinct dinosaur…

And then there are her eyes … looking through the teeth of a predator–playful and dangerous…

Looking through the open jaw of technology

…what will we see?


3 responses to “About that Picture

  1. Suzanne

    Not to mention the past of mother earth being examined by the future of mother earth. What changes are yet to come?

  2. Jennifyr

    Chomping away at the bits (of technology)…a playful reminder of the mirror-like effect of society’s innovative dreamers driving the trends in technology and the imaginative nature of childrens’ thoughts.
    Great banner!

  3. Jennifyr

    Per Ramiro:
    Playful thrill of the danger behind technology’s accessible information.
    (Because Chloe is precious and deserves protection)

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